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Praying Mantis in Resin - Hierodula patellifera

The Science:

The praying mantis is an ambush predator that waits patiently for its prey to come near before striking with its raptorial forelimbs. It eats primarily insects, but larger species will catch and eat small reptiles, fish, and even birds. The mantis also exhibits cannibalistic behaviors; born in large clutches, a baby mantis’ first meal is often one of its own siblings. The female praying mantis is notorious for decapitating and consuming its mate during the mating process. Despite its femme fatale reputation, this type of behavior occurs much less often in the wild than in captivity.

The Story:

This specimen is known as the giant Asian Mantis and is can be found in trees and grasslands on the edges of forests all around Asia. Preserved and embedded in a solid block of Lucite resin, this praying mantis is an excellent decorative piece, as well as a great educational display model.


SKU: AP-RE0009
Dimensions: 1.63"W x 4.38"H x 1.13"D
Scientific Name: Hierodula patellifera
Origin: China
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    pretty great

    Posted by brittney ward on Jun 13th 2018

    only reason i gave this four stars is because there is no mention of size or dimensions in the details or descriptions.

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