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Preserved Specimens

  • African Porcupine Quills - Thumbnail
    African Porcupine Quills $3.00

    Price is for a single quill.

  • Alligator Head
    Alligator Head $39.00

    Alligator Head – Alligator mississippiensis THE SCIENCE: The American alligator, Alligator mississippiensis, is arguably one of the most iconic reptiles in North America, as well as [inarguably] the largest...

  • Eggs - Main
    Bird Egg Shells $149.00

    BIRD EGG SHELL THE STORY These decorative eggs come from local, farm-raised ostriches. Each unfertilized egg is clean-blown: the yolk and albumen are drained out through a hole drilled at the aerus (more rounded end of the...

  • Map Turtle Shell - Thumbnail
    Map Turtle Shell $29.00

    Map Turtle Shell The northern map turtle, or common map turtle, is an aquatic turtle and is endemic to North America. Map turtle gets both its common and scientific names from the marking on the skin and carapace. The lines...

  • Diaphonized Rat, Cleared and Stained - Thumbnail
    Rat, Cleared and Stained $129.00

    Rat. Cleared and Stained - Rattus norvegicus Rats are the most successful animals on the planet after humans. Native to China and Mongolia, they have spread to almost every continent and live almost everywhere that humans...

  • Red-Eared Slider Turtle Shell
    Red-Eared Slider Turtle Shell $29.00

    Red-Eared Slider Turtle Shell The Red-Eared Slider is a semi-aquatic pond slider native to the southern United States. It gets the “Red-Eared” part of its name from the distinctive red stripe around its ears,...

  • Shark in a Jar
    Shark in a Jar $24.00

    SHARK IN A JAR - SQUALUS ACANTHIAS THE SCIENCE The spiny dogfish shark, Squalus acanthias, is found in temperate waters worldwide and is one of the best-known sharks in the world. Males grow to just over 3 feet on average,...

  • Snake, Cleared and Stained - Thumbnail
    Snake, Cleared and Stained $169.00

    Snake, Cleared and Stained - Serpentes Cleared and Stained Snakes make great museum specimens or educational classroom displays!