Rat Skeleton in Dome


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Rat Skeleton in Dome

We are very pleased to be able to offer these very beautifully articulated skeletons, each mounted in a natural pose in a glass dome for display. Prepared here in our store, each specimen varies slightly.

The Rat is, of course, a well-known creature all around the world, and is widely raised and kept domestically as a pet or laboratory animal when it is not being trapped, poisoned or otherwise eradicated as a pest. Its skeleton is presented upright on its hind legs, and makes an admirable presentation of this much-loathed animal.

Mounted in the manner of a Victorian display, this delightful piece would make a handsome addition to your mantelpiece, or a fine educational tool.

A domestic animal, this item does not require Fish and Wildlife paperwork for export.

Attention: Due to our fabrication studio’s pending relocation to upstate New York, we’ll be temporarily suspending production of our framed and/or mounted specimens. Normal production is expected to resume in July. We’ll be accepting online pre-orders for these products until then. Please contact us at (212) 343-1114 ext. 402, or at fabrication@theevolutionstore.com with any questions or concerns!


SKU: SS-AS0024
Dimensions: 5.50"W x 8.00"H x 5.50"D
Scientific Name: Rattus norvegicus
Origin: N. China
Shipping Restrictions: None.
Made/Assembled in USA
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