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Shortfin Mako Shark Jaw

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Shortfin Mako Shark Jaw

Scientific Name:
Isurus oxyrinchus
Tropical Coastal Waters
~20" Long



These jaws are from the shortfin mako shark, Isurus oxyrinchus, a swift and agile predator of temperate seas around the world. Growing more than ten feet in length and with a lifespan that can reach thirty years, the shortfin mako has an unusually large brain for its body size. Though the shortfin mako does not generally seem to view humans as prey, attacks on divers are known to occur. The shortfin mako shark usually targets larger bony fish including tuna and swordfish, but also squid and octopus, seabirds, dolphins and other sharks. The shortfin mako is very popular as a game fish and is fished and eaten worldwide.


Each of these jaws features the glossy white teeth typical of the shortfin mako - long, dagger-sharp and lacking any serrations. Shortfin mako shark teeth have been prized in Polynesian cultures and used for trade and to fashion jewelry and tools for thousands of years. These jaws are a must-have for any shark enthusiast!

This is a natural product with natural variations. Your item will resemble the pictured example.


SKU:                                       AP-SL0160
Dimensions:                    6""W x 12""L x 20""
Scientific Name:                    Isurus oxyrinchus
Origin:                                  Tropical Coastal Waters
Age:                                  England
Shipping Restrictions: International wildlife export fees apply

Customers with shipping addresses outside of the US will be charged an additional $168.00 for US Fish & Wildlife Services processing fees. Please allow up to 60 days for your order to be processed. Read our full international wildlife shipping policy here.


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