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Magnet, Small

The Science

Price mentioned is for a single magnet.

Hematite is a form of iron oxide, which ranges in color from black to brown to red. Hematite is harder than pure iron, but much more brittle. Huge deposits of hematite are found in banded iron formations.

Grey hematite is typically found in places where there has been standing water or mineral hot springs, such as those in Yellowstone National Park. Hematite can also occur without water, usually as the result of volcanic activity.

The Story

These small tumbled pieces have been formed out of purified hematite and magnetized. They are hours of fun to play with, and immensely popular with young people.

These magnets are very powerful, so please be careful when exposing them to credit cards, cell phones, and other electronic devices!

NOTE: This item consists of small parts - not for children under 3 years of age!


SKU: MN-MG0001
Dimensions: 1"L x 1"W x 1.5"H
Composition: Iron Oxide
Origin: Utah
Shipping Restrictions: None.
North America
Made/Assembled in USA
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