Solar-Powered Cassini Terrestrial Globe - White

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Solar-powered Cassini Terrestrial Globe - White

The Science

This eye-catching globe features cool sea foam green oceans combined with a vintage 1790 map created by Giovanni Maria Cassini.

The Story

The Cassini Terrestrial White globe combines a vintage map created in 1790 with modern updates that make it unlike any globe you've had before. Every continent and ocean is shown with absolute clarity and contrast, and it features lines showing the three voyages of Captain James Cook–a design element first created in 1790 by Giovanni Maria Cassini. The map also shows the United States which was very young at the time and not included on many maps. 


SKU: HD-GL0029
Dimensions: Small 4.5"D
Medium 6"D
Large 8.5"D
Material: Plastic
Origin: Taiwan
Shipping Restrictions: None.