Toad Skeleton


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Toad Skeleton – Bufo melanostictus

The Black-Spined Toad is a terrestrial toad that inhabits moist grasslands and woodlands, usually near a body of water. It makes its home in crevices or under rocks, and tends to remain in one spot permanently.

The Black-Spined Toad can also be found across southeastern Asia and is especially abundant in Singapore. It also lives in suburban areas, where it nests in drainpipes and other water sources. It is named for the brown or black spines on its sides and upper body.

Black-Spined Toads also have black warts, which contain a bufotoxin to ward off predators!


SKU: SS-AS0028
Dimensions: 5.06"W x 5.06"Lx 3.06"D
Scientific Name: Bufo melanostictus
Origin: South East Asia
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