White Bantam Rooster

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White Bantam Rooster 

The Science

Bantam roosters are smaller than regular chickens which is why so many people keep them as pets. Their weight ranged from 400 g to about a 1 kg, and their height ranges from approximately 8 to 16 inches. Bantams are known for their occasionally aggressive behavior, but for the most part they have the same temperament as regular sized chickens and roosters. Some breeds of bantam are more aggressive than others however. There a few breeds of bantam roosters, such as Japanese bantams, Polish bantams, Dutch bantams, and silkies. Their life span can vary depending on their breed and quality of life, but on average they live for about 8 years. 

The Story

This beautiful piece of taxidermy is hand selected by our team to ensure that we offer quality products. This taxidermy stands on a wooden base with beautiful detailing around the edge. This meticulously crafted piece will be sure to make a beautiful addition to your home!

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