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Featured on The Evolution Show

  • Adult Human Skull - Asian Male
    Adult Human Skull - Asian Male $149.00

    Human Adult Skull (Replica) Homo sapiens The Science Cast in two pieces: skull and mandible. Each skull is cast and finished by hand to assure the highest quality. A very realistic skull that looks almost as if it was...

  • Cynopterus sp. - Fruit Bat frontal
    Framed Fruit Bat $259.00

    CYNOPTERUS SP. - FRUIT BAT The Science As their name suggests, these bats' diet consists mainly of fruit and juice. Unlike other bats, fruit bats don't rely on echolocation to navigate the night; instead, they have large...

  • Tarantula Paperweight-Large-Red
    Tarantula Paperweight, X-Large $44.00

    Tarantula Paperweight - Large The Science Tarantulas are a group of very large, very hairy spiders common in various places around the globe. The biggest tarantulas prey on vertebrates such as lizards and mice. They can...