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Featured on The Evolution Show

  • Elrathia kingii - Thumbnail
    Elrathia kingii- Fossil Trilobite $20.00

    Trilobite - Elrathia kingii The Science These are specimens of Elrathia kingii, a Cambrian period trilobite from the Wheeler Shale in Utah, some 515 Million years old. Quite common trilobites, they are preserved in...

  • Fossil Trilobite - Thumbnail
    Flexicalymene species - Fossil Trilobite $12.00

    TRILOBITES: Flexicalymene species The Science These trilobites are common fossils from Morocco. Preserved with rusty-colored limonite crystals, these are actually the molds of the shells...

  • Fossil Trilobite - Thumbnail
    Fossil Trilobite - Gerastos sp. $29.00

    Trilobite: Gerastos Species The Science Trilobites are a type of extinct arthropod probably most closely related to modern Horseshoe crabs. With a growing number of predators and adapted to diverse habitats,...