Alligator Skull - Alligator Mississippiensis


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Alligator Skull – Alligator mississippiensis

The American Alligator lives in freshwater swamps and marshes along the Mississippi River. Typically three to five feet long, their diet consists of aquatic insects, fish, frogs, birds, and other small animals. 

The Alligators we sell are generally raised on farms, and sometimes hunted for their leather, which is used to make specialty goods around the world. The skulls and heads are essentially by-products of this industry.

This skull is a first-quality specimen, completely intact and with clean white bone. At twelve inches in length, this is a larger-sized skull, and a striking piece of decor. It would look excellent on your mantelpiece and would make a great addition to a skull collection!


SKU: AP-TC0010
Dimensions: 13.5-14.5"L
Scientific Name: Alligator Mississippiensis
Origin: USA
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