Flower Beetle in Resin


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Flower Beetle in Resin

Beetles are one of the earth's most successful animals, and chafer beetles such as this can be found all over the world, in a wide spectrum of colors. This is a lovely little green beetle from Asia known as Anomala expansa. A member of the scarab beetle family, its shell has a prismatic quality, refracting ambient light to give its bright green color a sort of metallic sheen. It is related to some of the most admired beetles in the world: the Jewel Scarabs such as the amazing golden Chrysina resplendens.

This small specimen has been set in a block of transparent lucite resin, making it a great decorative piece or educational display.


SKU: AP-RE0014
Dimensions: 1.13"W x 1.75"H x 0.75"D
Scientific Name: Anomala expansa
Origin: China
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