Horned Flower Beetle in Resin


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Horned Flower Beetle in Resin - Dicranocephalus wallichi

The Science:

This handsome Beetle is an interesting member of the Cetoniinae beetle family, known as Flower Beetles, which includes such diverse types as the humble Rose Beetle and the mighty Goliath Beetles of Africa. Beetles are one of the earth's most successful animals, and Flower Beetles such as this one can be found all over the world. Most species of the Flower Beetle feed on the pollen and nectar of flowers, while others feed on fruit and decaying vegetation.

The Story:

This Horned Flower Beetle specimen is embedded in clear Lucite resin and makes an excellent decorative piece or educational display. Native to Taiwan, Dicranocephalus wallichi is noted for its distinctively-shaped long horns that look like some sort of weird Egyptian headdress. These cute little Insect pieces are fun to collect and make great gifts for kids!


SKU: AP-RE0012
Dimensions: 1.63"W x 2.88"H x 1"D
Scientific Name: Dicranocephalus wallichi
Origin: China
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