Full Cave Bear Skeleton - Ursus spelaeus


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This stunning specimen is a complete skeleton of a cave bear, a prehistoric relative of the modern brown bear that lived in Europe and Asia during the Pleistocene epoch. Cave bears were among the largest carnivores that ever existed, reaching up to 2 meters in length and weighing up to 1000 kilograms. They are believed to have been mostly herbivorous, feeding on plants, fruits, and nuts. They also had a close relationship with humans, as evidenced by the numerous cave paintings and carvings depicting them.

This skeleton is a rare and valuable piece of natural history, as it is one of the few examples of a fully articulated cave bear skeleton in the world. It was excavated from a cave in Romania, where it was preserved in excellent condition for thousands of years. It has been professionally mounted on a custom-made metal stand that allows for easy display and transport. The skeleton measures approximately 5 feet long, 9.5 feet tall, and 5 feet wide. 

The Evolution Store is proud to offer this unique and impressive item for sale to collectors, museums, and enthusiasts of paleontology and prehistoric life. This skeleton is a testament to the beauty and diversity of nature, as well as the fascinating history of our planet and its inhabitants. It is a rare opportunity to own a piece of the Ice Age that will surely awe and inspire anyone who sees it. This item comes with free shipping and installation in the continental US and a certificate of authenticity.


SKU: PC-FO0012
Dimensions: 5'W x 5'L x 9.5'H
Scientific Name: Ursus spelaeus
Origin: Romania
Period: Pleistocene
Age: 25,000 Years Old
Shipping Restrictions: None.