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Curated Selections

  • Cork Globe - Both
    Cork Globes $160.00

    Cork Globes Stick pins in the places you’ve been or plan your future travels. Choose between the full-size 10” (Ø 25cm) and the mini 5.5" (Ø 14cm) cork globe with a clear and simple world map:...

  • Coyote Skull
    Coyote Skull $36.00

    Coyote - Canis latrans The Science: The Coyote is found widespread across Central and North America. Despite constant human encroachment, coyotes have flourished as a species and even reproduce in metropolitan areas. In...

  • Cricket Lollipop Thumbnail
    Cricket Lollipop $3.00

    Cricket Lollipop - Acheta domestica The Science: There are more than 900 species of Cricket, distributed worldwide, and the Cricket has been a fixture in human culture since ancient times. Considered lucky, raised as pets...

  • Death by wine - Gold
    Death By Wine - Skull Wine Stopper $19.00

    Death By Wine - Skull Wine Stopper Don't be scared of that unfinished bottle of wine - use this macabre wine stopper to keep it fresh and then enjoy at your leisure...

  • Dragonfly Stylish
  • Elrathia kingii - Thumbnail
    Elrathia kingii- Fossil Trilobite $20.00

    Trilobite - Elrathia kingii The Science These are specimens of Elrathia kingii, a Cambrian period trilobite from the Wheeler Shale in Utah, some 515 Million years old. Quite common trilobites, they are preserved in...

  • Evolution Hoodie
    Evolution Skull Hoodie $34.00

    Evolution Skull Hoodie The Science: The image of a human skull that adorns our classic T-Shirt and this Hoodie was drawn by Jan Wandelaar for Dutch anatomist Bernhard Siegfried Albinus, as an illustration for his famous...

  • Fossil Trilobite - Thumbnail
    Flexicalymene species - Fossil Trilobite $12.00

    TRILOBITES: Flexicalymene species The Science These trilobites are common fossils from Morocco. Preserved with rusty-colored limonite crystals, these are actually the molds of the shells...

  • Fossil Trilobite - Thumbnail
    Fossil Trilobite - Gerastos sp. $29.00

    Trilobite: Gerastos Species The Science Trilobites are a type of extinct arthropod probably most closely related to modern Horseshoe crabs. With a growing number of predators and adapted to diverse habitats,...

  • Hip Flask & Funnel
    Hip Flask & Funnel - For Medicinal Purposes $29.00

    Hip Flask & Funnel - For Medicinal Purposes Black powder coated stainless steel 6oz hip flask with laser etched heart graphic and no-spill funnel.

  • Honey Bee
    Honey Bee in Resin $8.00

    Honey Bee in Resin Honey bees are most valued for their role in creating honey, a complex substance made when nectar and sweet pollen from plants and trees are gathered and stored in the honey com as a food source for the...

  • Child Skull Angle
    Human Child Skull (Replica) $129.00

    Human Child Skull - 4 Years (Replica) This replica skull was cast from an excellent specimen from a child about 4 years of age. It has been hand-painted to give it a handsome antique finish, and it would make an excellent...

  • Large Natural Agate Slices
    Large Natural Agate Slices $19.00

    Large Natural Brazilian Agate Slices The Science: Agate is a type of chalcedony - a cryptocrystalline variety of silica. Often associated with volcanic activity, it is also found in metamorphic and fossiliferous rock...

  • Lewis & Clark Compass - Thumbnail
  • Man Eating Piranha Thumbnail
    Man Eating Piranha $54.00

    Man-Eating Piranha – Pygocentrus natteri Piranhas are members of a family of omnivorous freshwater fish. They are native to South America and their natural habitat is rivers. In Venezuela, they are called...

  • Meteorite Necklace
    Meteorite Necklace $24.00

    METEORITE PENDANT THE SCIENCE: The Campo del Cielo refers to a group of iron meteorites, and to the area where they were found, 620 miles northwest of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The crater field covers an area of...

  • Mini Shrunken Heads - Cluster
    Mini Shrunken Head $10.00

    Mini Shrunken Head Made from Polyurethane resin, these fiendishly detailed little heads seem to be extra-shrunken for use as ornaments. Hang one from your backpack, or your rear-view mirror. A fun novelty item and a great...

  • Mink Skull
    Mink Skull $24.00

    MINK SKULL - NEOVISON VISON THE SCIENCE The American mink, Neovison vison, is a nocturnal and semi-aquatic carnivore that thrives around forested streams, lakes, and marshes throughout North America. Adult minks reach up...

  • Spider Medium
  • Pair of Goat Horns - Thumbnail
    Pair of Goat Horns $29.00

    PAIR OF GOAT HORNS - Capra aegagrus hircus The Science Domestic Goats (Capra aegagrus hircus) are descended from the wild goats of Europe and Asia. They have lived alongside humans for millenia, and we rely on them...