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Natural Animal Bone

  • Alligator Skull - Alligator Mississippiensis
    Alligator Skull - Alligator Mississippiensis $239.00

    Alligator Skull – Alligator mississippiensis The American Alligator lives in freshwater swamps and marshes along the Mississippi River. Typically three to five feet long, their diet consists of aquatic insects,...

  • Badger Skull  - Thumbnail
    Badger Skull $49.00

    Badger - Taxidea taxus The Story: These are handsome skulls, obtained as by-products from a small family business in the fur trade. Not as carefully prepared as our first-quality skulls, they may show small defects...

  • Bat Skeleton
    Bat Skeleton $79.00

    BAT SKELETON - PIPISTRELLUS ABRAMUS THE SCIENCE: The Japanese pipistrelle, Pipistrellus abramus, is a species of vesper bat. Adults are between 1.4 and 1.9 inches in body length, and each wing is between 1.3 and 1.4 inches...

  • Bat Skeleton in Dome
    Bat Skeleton in Dome $295.00

    Bat Skeleton in Dome We are pleased to be able to offer these very beautifully articulated skeletons, each mounted in a hanging pose for display. Prepared right here in our store, each specimen varies slightly.This is a...

  • Beaver Skull
    Beaver Skull $60.00

    BEAVER SKULL - CASTOR CANADENSIS THE SCIENCE The [North] American beaver, Castor canadensis, is the largest rodent in North America and the second-largest rodent in the world behind the capybara. It’s an excellent...

  • Black Bear - Angled
    Black Bear Skull $298.00

    CITES EXPORT INFORMATION (FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS ONLY) This wildlife product has been identified as a protected species by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora...

  • Bobcat Skull - Thumbnail
    Bobcat Skull $79.00

    Bobcat Skull - Lynx rufus Please note that this item cannot be shipped outside of the US.

  • Bullfrog
    Bullfrog Skeleton $79.00

    BULLFROG SKELETON - RANA CATESBEIANA THE SCIENCE: The American bullfrog, often known simply as the bullfrog in Canada and the United States, is a species of amphibian in the Ranidae family (true frogs). This frog has an...

  • Cat Skeleton
    Cat Skeleton $189.00

    CAT SKELETON - FELIS CATUS THE SCIENCE: The domestic cat, Felis catus, is one of the most recognizable mammalian species on the planet. They’re often called house cats when kept as indoor pets, or simply cats when...

  • Coyote Skull
    Coyote Skull $36.00

    Coyote - Canis latrans The Science: The Coyote is found widespread across Central and North America. Despite constant human encroachment, coyotes have flourished as a species and even reproduce in metropolitan areas. In...

  • Deer Antler
    Deer Antler $59.00

    Deer Antler The Science These antlers come from a mix of White-Tailed and Mule Deer from North America. Every year, deer shed their antlers and regrow them, and these pieces have been collected from the forest floor...

  • Dog Skeleton
    Dog Skeleton $479.00

    Dog Skeleton, Mounted - Canis lupus familiaris Dogs are a domesticated form of gray wolves. They may have been the first animals to be domesticated and have been the most widely kept working, hunting, and companion...

  • Fish Skeleton
    Fish Skeleton $79.00

    FISH SKELETON - CARASSIUS AURATUS THE SCIENCE: Carassius auratus is a species of freshwater fish in the family Cyprinidae (the carps and minnows). It was one of the earliest fish to be domesticated; the common goldfish for...

  • Fox Skull
    Fox Skull $45.00

    FOX SKULL - VULPES VULPES THE SCIENCE: The red fox, Vulpes vulpes, is the largest species of true fox and the most widespread carnivorous species in the world. Its range spans prairies, forests, tundras, deserts, and even...

  • Lizard Skeleton
    Lizard Skeleton $79.00

    Lizard Skeleton - Eumeces chinensis These types of lizards are called skinks. They are native to the region that extends from Africa to Asia. This particular type of lizard is a Chinese Skink. It is a large, robust...

  • Mink Skull
    Mink Skull $24.00

    MINK SKULL - NEOVISON VISON THE SCIENCE The American mink, Neovison vison, is a nocturnal and semi-aquatic carnivore that thrives around forested streams, lakes, and marshes throughout North America. Adult minks reach up...

  • Muskrat Skull
    Muskrat Skull $24.00

    MUSKRAT SKULL - ONDATRA ZIBETHICUS THE SCIENCE The common muskrat, Ondatra zibethicus, is a medium-sized semi-aquatic rodent that thrives in wetland habitats throughout North America. Its common name refers directly to...

  • Non-Venomous Snake Skeleton
    Non-Venomous Snake Skeleton $89.00

    NON-VENOMOUS SNAKE SKELETON - DINODON RUFOZONATUM THE SCIENCE Dinodon rufozonatum is a species of nocturnal, non-venomous snake in the family Colubridae, native to East Asia. Adults are around 28 inches long on average,...

  • Pair of Goat Horns - Thumbnail
    Pair of Goat Horns $29.00

    PAIR OF GOAT HORNS - Capra aegagrus hircus The Science Domestic Goats (Capra aegagrus hircus) are descended from the wild goats of Europe and Asia. They have lived alongside humans for millenia, and we rely on them...

  • Rabbit Skeleton
    Rabbit Skeleton $129.00

    RABBIT SKELETON - ORYCTOLAGUS CUNICULUS THE SCIENCE: The common rabbit, Oryctolagus cuniculus, is a species of rabbit native to southwestern Europe and northwest Africa. It has become a very widespread species, and is...