Sterling Silver Meteorite Earrings - Campo del Cielo


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Sterling Silver Meteorite Earrings

These remarkable little earrings are made of meteorite! Solid nickel-iron crystals of meteorite dangle from sterling silver ear wires.

Though it fell to Earth more than 4000 years ago, this Meteorite was discovered in 1576 by a Spanish military expedition. Searching for a source of iron known to the natives of what is now Chaco province, Northern Argentina, the soldiers brought back samples from what they thought was an iron mine.

Scientists believe that - like other iron meteorites - the Campo del Cielo mass probably originated within the Asteroid Belt located between Mars and Jupiter, and probably formed around the same time as the earth: some 4.5 billion years ago.

Only about 5% of meteorites are iron, and the Campo del Cielo material is highly collectible. Striking specimens may be found in museums and private collections worldwide.


SKU: AC-EG0032
Weight: 2-5 grams each
Composition: Kamacite (Iron Nickel), Coarse Octahedrite (1A)
Origin: Campo del Cielo, Argentina
Age: 4.5 Billion Years
Shipping Restrictions: None.
South America
Made/Assembled in USA
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