Venomous Snake Skeleton


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Venomous Snake Skeleton – Gloydius halys

The skeleton of a snake is made up almost entirely of vertebrae and rib bones. Its vertebrae are divided into two parts: the precaudal vertebrae, which are attached to its ribs, and the caudal vertebrae, which are not attached to ribs and comprise the tail.

The skull of a snake has many joints that allow the snake to open it jaw wide enough to swallow prey much larger than its head. The Siberian or Pallas pit viper is a venomous pit viper that can be found from Russia, east of the Urals, through northern and central China.

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SKU: SS-AS0012
Dimensions: 4"W x 13.75"L x 2"H
Scientific Name: Agkistrodan halys
Origin: China
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