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Curated Selections

  • Evolution Skull T-Shirt - Thumbnail
    Evolution Skull T-Shirt $19.00

    Evolution Skull T-Shirt The Science: The image of a human skull that adorns our classic T-Shirt and was drawn by Jan Wandelaar for Dutch anatomist Bernhard Siegfried Albinus, as an illustration for his famous illustrated...

  • Campo del Cielo Meteorite Ring - Thumbnail
    Campo del Cielo Meteorite Ring $98.00

    CAMPO DEL CIELO METEORITE RING THE SCIENCE Though it fell to Earth more than 4000 years ago, this meteorite was discovered in 1576 by a Spanish military expedition. Searching for a source of iron known to the natives of...

  • Muonionalusta Necklace - Thumbnail
    Muonionalusta Meteorite Necklace $139.00

    MUONIONALUSTA METEORITE NECKLACE  THE SCIENCE:  The Muonionalusta meteorite impacted the Earth in northern Scandinavia about one million years BCE. Classified as an octahedrite due to its crystalline formation,...

  • Moldavite Necklace - Thumbnail
    Moldavite Necklace $99.00

    MOLDAVITE NECKLACE THE SCIENCE: Moldavite is not a meteorite, but rather a unique byproduct of a meteorite’s impact on the Earth’s surface 15 million years ago. It is a type of natural glass formed from...

  • A C0rrelated History of Matter - Thumbnail
    A Correlated History of Matter $24.00

    A Correlated History of Matter THE SCIENCE: A Correlated History of Matter is a full-color educational wallchart documenting the history of the pre-solar system era. It includes tables of fundamental particles and forces,...

  • Aluminum Anthill Casting - Thumbnail
    Aluminum Anthill Casting $695.00

    Aluminum Anthill Casting   You will receive precisely the item depicted on this page. The Science Anthill castings are made by pouring molten aluminum into abandoned anthills. This magical process...

  • Large Ammonite Half, Unique
    Large Ammonite Half, Unique $149.00

    Fossil Ammonite: Cleoniceras sp. Unique Piece THE SCIENCE Ammonites are an extinct group of marine animals similar to the nautilus. Like the nautilus, ammonites had a soft body with tentacles that emerged from a...

  • Bobcat Skull - Thumbnail
    Bobcat Skull $79.00

    Bobcat Skull - Lynx rufus Please note that this item cannot be shipped outside of the US.

  • Diaphonized Rat, Cleared and Stained - Thumbnail
    Rat, Cleared and Stained $109.00

    Rat, Cleared and Stained - Rattus norvegicus The Science Rats are the most successful animals on the planet after humans. Native to China and Mongolia, they have spread to almost every continent and live almost...

  • Pair of Goat Horns - Thumbnail
    Pair of Goat Horns $25.00

    PAIR OF GOAT HORNS - Capra aegagrus hircus The Science Domestic Goats (Capra aegagrus hircus) are descended from the wild goats of Europe and Asia. They have lived alongside humans for millenia, and we rely on them...

  • Lucky Cane Toad - Thumbnail
    Cane Toad $49.00

    Cane Toad THE SCIENCE The cane toad, Bufo marinus, is a large, terrestrial true toad native to South and mainland Central America. Relatively recently, it has been introduced to various islands throughout Oceania...

  • Apothecary Jars - Thumbnail
    "Vintage" Apothecary Jars Set $259.00

    Vintage Apothecary Jars Vintage Apothecary Jars Includes 4 Sizes (small imperfections, variation in shape and size are natural characteristics of Hand-Blown glass). This item will be sold as a set 24 jars (6 jars of each...

  • Skeleton Hand Jewellery Tidy - Thumbnail
    Skeleton Hand Jewellery Tidy $45.00

    Skeleton Hand Jewellery Tidy Keep things in the palm of your hand. Need a helping-hand holding your jewellery? Skeleton Hand will keep rings, bracelets and earrings organised neatly. Too many trinkets to wear all at...

  • Butterfly Sticky Notes
    3D Butterfly Sticky Notes $6.00

    3D Butterfly Sticky Notes Paper butterfly wall decorations & notes.Even if you don't have important messages and reminders to leave stuck around the house, butterfly sticky notes look awesome used as simple wall...

  • Skull Scissors - Thumbnail
    Skull Scissors $15.00

    Skull Scissors Shockingly sharp stainless-steel scissors with a brass finish. From hair-raising haircuts to creepy paper crafts, these heavy-duty general use scissors are both handy and haunting in equal measure. The best...

  • Cork Globe - Both
    Cork Globes $160.00

    Cork Globes Stick pins in the places you’ve been or plan your future travels. Choose between the full-size 10” (Ø 25cm) and the mini 5.5" (Ø 14cm) cork globe with a clear and simple world map:...

  • Bell Jar Light
    Bell Jar Light $98.00

    Bell Jar Light Illuminate your favorite objects in a glass case. Hand blown glass dome on a painted wooden base.USB powered, UK/EU/USA/Australia power adaptor included.Cool running LEDs with 2 diffusers provides a...

  • Skull Tidy
    Skull Tidy $79.00

    Skull Tidy Keep your essentials in your head.  Keys, glasses, phone, watch, loose change, the entire contents of your pockets - it can be difficult keeping all of these things in mind. Get organised and keep your...

  • Cork coffee cup - Thumnail
    Reusable Cork Coffee Cup - Killer Coffee $25.00

    Reusable Cork Coffee Cup - Killer Coffee THE SCIENCE The history of coffee is estimated to date back to around 850 CE, the oldest evidence of its use dating back to the 15th century in the Sufi monasteries of Yemen. It...

  • Hip Flask & Funnel
    Hip Flask & Funnel - For Medicinal Purposes $29.00

    Hip Flask & Funnel - For Medicinal Purposes Black powder coated stainless steel 6oz hip flask with laser etched heart graphic and no-spill funnel.