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Mother's Day Gifts

  • Pregnancy Model Side View
  • Brazilian Cowhide Rug
    Brazilian Cowhide Rug $395.00

    BRAZILIAN COWHIDE RUGS THE SCIENCE Cattle, Bos taurus (colloquially “cows”) are the most common type of large, domesticated, quadrupedal ungulates. They’re a very prominent member of the Bovidae family,...

  • Hebomoia leucippe
    Brimstone Wing Butterfly - Hebomoia leucippe $98.00

    BRIMSTONE WING BUTTERFLY - HEBOMOIA LEUCIPPE THE SCIENCE: The genus Hebomoia contains only two species: glaucippe, a similar butterfly widespread across Southeast Asia from India to Indonesia, and leucippe, which is...

  • Butterfly Earrings - Thumbnail
  • Butterfly Earrings - Thumbnail
  • Butterfly Pendant - Morpho sulkowski
    Butterfly Pendant - Morpho sulkowski $59.00

    Pearl Morpho Butterfly PendantMorpho sulkowski The Pearl Morpho is a member of the Morphinae family and is found in South America, especially in Peru.  TheMorpho sulkowski has a beautiful pearly white iridescent...

  • Butterfly Pendant - Papilio ulysses
    Butterfly Pendant - Papilio ulysses $59.00

    Blue Mountain Swallowtail Butterfly PendantPapilio ulysses The Blue Emperor Swallowtail is a large specimen of the Papilonidae family, this butterfly is endemic to Indonesia. The Papilio ulysses is a beautiful jet...

  • Dog Rose Botanical Poster
    Dog Rose Botanical Poster $259.00

    Dog Rose Botanical Poster - Rosa canina The Science: The Dog rose is a deciduous climbing wild rose plant found across Eurasia and Northwest Africa. Dog Rose hips are high in vitamin C and it has been introduced in many...

  • Floral Skull
    Floral Skull $38.00

    Floral Skull, Resin The Science: Fabricating decorative skulls (calaveras) has been a traditional activity across many different Mesoamerican cultures for centuries, perhaps most notably in celebration of the Mexican Day...

  • Medium Box Example Closed
  • Jade Turban - Seashell
    Jade Turban - Seashell $24.00

    Our seashells are ideal for decorating bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, or other areas of your home. Try displaying different sized shells in groups for a sophisticated look.

  • Jewel Beetle Earrings
    Jewel Beetle Earrings $15.00

    Jewel Beetle Earrings - Sternocera aequisignata THE SCIENCE: The Bullet Jewel Beetle, Sternocera aequisignata, is a species of wood-boring beetle that boasts an iridescent, metallic exoskeleton varying between shades...

  • Moth Pendant - Urania ripheus
    Moth Pendant - Urania ripheus $69.00

    MOTH PENDANT - URANIA RIPHEUS THE SCIENCE: Urania ripheus, also known as the Sunset Moth, is a moth widely considered to be one of the most visually striking lepidopteran (butterfly/moth) species in existence. As members...

  • Orchid Botanical Poster
    Orchid Botanical Poster $259.00

    Orchid Botanical Poster - Orchis species The Science: There are well over 20,000 accepted species of orchids worldwide. They can be found in nearly every habitat, with some of the most extravagant and beautiful species...

  • Ostrich Egg
    Ostrich Egg $79.00

    OSTRICH EGG THE SCIENCE The ostrich, Struthio camelus, is the world’s largest and tallest extant species of bird. It’s native to much of Africa. Adults, with males on the higher ends of the spectra, average...

  • Pewter Anatomical Heart Pendant
    Pewter Anatomical Heart Pendant $29.00

    Pewter Anatomical Heart Pendant The Science: It’s no secret that the heart is, for humans and all other animal species that possess them, one of the most vital organs of the body. It transports the oxygen and...

  • Rocksoaps
  • Skeleton Hanging Earrings
    Skeleton Hanging Earrings $89.00

    Skeleton Earrings, Hanging These delicate earrings feature a human skeleton. The skeleton is fully articulated and each joint moves independently, connected by interlocking loops. They are quite lightweight and dangle low...

  • Skull Bracelet, Small
    Skull Bracelet, Small $10.00

    Skull Bracelet – Small THE SCIENCE: Bubalus bubalis, the domestic water buffalo, is a large bovid originating in eastern and southern Asia. Today, due to trade and other factors, it’s also found in Europe,...

  • Skull Planter