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The Agate Slice is more than just a beautiful stone; it's a testament to nature's artistry. With its intricate patterns and vibrant hues, each slice tells a unique story of geological wonder. We selected these Brazilian Agate Slices for their exceptional quality and the mesmerizing beauty they bring to any collection or decor.

Agate, a form of chalcedony, has historical significance that spans millennia. Named by the Greek philosopher Theophrastus in 350BC after the Achates river in Italy, it has been used in various artifacts, from intricate carvings to ornate beads. The diverse range of colors in agate, from light brown to deep black, is a result of the varying mineral content, with each hue narrating a different chapter of its formation.

These Agate Slices originate from Brazil and are a variety of chalcedony. While agate is naturally beautiful, these slices have been dyed to enhance their vibrant colors. Retaining their natural edges, these slices offer an authentic glimpse into nature's marvels. As they are natural products, expect variations in shape, color, and pattern, making each slice distinct. Embrace the allure of the Earth's wonders with these captivating Agate Slices.

Individual specimens vary but your item will resemble the pictured examples.


SKU: MN-AG0001
Dimensions: ~0.75"W x ~2.5"L x 0.125"H
Origin: Brazil
Shipping Restrictions: None.
South America
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  • 5
    Affordable and gorgeous!

    Posted by Angie on Jun 30th 2020

    These are super-cheap little agate slices, but they look gorgeous! I'm putting gold leaf around the outside and framing them - they look great!

  • 5
    Halloween Gift

    Posted by Joe on Dec 9th 2019

    These Agate slices from Argentina make terrific Halloween surprises in my Mystery Box alternative to candy! The kids that return year-after-year have really fun comments and overwhelmingly choose a bit of mystery.

  • 5
    Brazilian Agate Review

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 25th 2018

    Excellent quality agate slices for gifts.