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Skulls, Skeletons, Anatomy & More

  • Human Fetal Skull (Replica) - Homo sapiens All 3
    Human Fetal Skull (Replica) - Homo sapiens $60.00

    HUMAN FETAL SKULL (REPLICA) - HOMO SAPIENS These Human fetal Skulls were cast from genuine specimens at about the ages of 26, 29, and 32 weeks of development. Bearing extremely fine detail, they have been hand-finished to...

  • Lizard Skeleton
    Lizard Skeleton $79.00

    Lizard Skeleton - Eumeces chinensis These types of lizards are called skinks. They are native to the region that extends from Africa to Asia. This particular type of lizard is a Chinese Skink. It is a large, robust...

  • Mini Human Spinal Column - Thumbnail
    Mini Human Spinal Column - Flexible, On Base $179.00

    Mini Human Spinal Column Model - Flexible, on Base Vertebral spine model with squama occipitalis and pelvis. The vertebral column is mounted flexibly to demonstrate natural movements and pathological changes in the human...

  • Mink Skull
    Mink Skull $24.00

    MINK SKULL - NEOVISON VISON THE SCIENCE The American mink, Neovison vison, is a nocturnal and semi-aquatic carnivore that thrives around forested streams, lakes, and marshes throughout North America. Adult minks reach up...

  • Muskrat Skull
    Muskrat Skull $29.00

    MUSKRAT SKULL - ONDATRA ZIBETHICUS THE SCIENCE The common muskrat, Ondatra zibethicus, is a medium-sized semi-aquatic rodent that thrives in wetland habitats throughout North America. Its common name refers directly to the...

  • Non-Venomous Snake Skeleton
    Non-Venomous Snake Skeleton $89.00

    NON-VENOMOUS SNAKE SKELETON - DINODON RUFOZONATUM THE SCIENCE Dinodon rufozonatum is a species of nocturnal, non-venomous snake in the family Colubridae, native to East Asia. Adults are around 28 inches long on average,...

  • Phrenology Head - Thumbnail
  • Rabbit Skeleton
    Rabbit Skeleton $129.00

    RABBIT SKELETON - ORYCTOLAGUS CUNICULUS THE SCIENCE: The common rabbit, Oryctolagus cuniculus, is a species of rabbit native to southwestern Europe and northwest Africa. It has become a very widespread species, and is...

  • Assorted Raccoon Penis Bones
    Raccoon Penis Bone $5.00

    Unlike humans, most primates, carnivores and many other mammals have a penis bone, also known as a Baculum or Os Penis. Located within the erectile tissue, this bone provides a rigid structure to aid in...

  • Raccoon Skull
    Raccoon Skull $36.00

    RACCOON SKULL - PROCYON LOTOR THE SCIENCE The common raccoon, Procyon lotor, is a species of small-but-bulky mammal in the Procyonidae family native to North America. It’s very recognizable by the black...

  • Rat Skeleton
    Rat Skeleton $89.00

    Rat Skeleton One of our most popular items, this real skeleton has been carefully prepared and mounted in an economical box with a removable lid for study or display.One of the most familiar animals (if not among most...

  • Rat Skeleton in Dome
    Rat Skeleton in Dome $295.00

    Rat Skeleton in Dome We are very pleased to be able to offer these very beautifully articulated skeletons, each mounted in a natural pose in a glass dome for display. Prepared here in our store, each specimen varies...

  • Allosaurus Finger - Thumbnail
  • Alxasaurus Claw - Thumbnail
  • Replica of Great White Shark Tooth - Carcharodon Carcharias - Thumbnail
    Replica Great White Shark Tooth - Carcharodon Carcharias $12.00

    Replica Great White Shark Tooth - Carcharodon Carcharias The GREAT WHITE SHARK has 5 rows of 46 teeth for a total of 230. The jaw is approximately 35 inches across and 29 inches high. A Great White Shark can weigh as much...

  • Replica Lion Tooth - Panthera Leo
    Replica Lion Tooth - Panthera Leo $22.00

    Replica Lion Tooth - Panthera Leo The lion's teeth are well adapted for killing their prey and eating it. The great canine teeth are spaced such that they can slip between the cervical vertebrae of their favorite-sized prey...

  • Sabertooth Cat Tooth, Single (Replica)
    Replica Sabertooth Cat Tooth - Smilodon $35.00

    Sabertooth Cat Tooth, Single (Replica) Replica tooth from popular Sabertooth cat. Measures 9” long. This museum quality replica is exactingly cast from an outstanding natural specimen, and hand-finished to match...

  • Skunk Skull
    Skunk Skull $36.00

    Name - Mephitis mephitis The Science: Distributed across the Americas, the 10 or so species of Skunk are also related to “Stink Badgers” found in Indonesia and the Philippines. The Striped Skunk, one of the...

  • Standard Human Skeleton with Pelvic Mounted Stand - Full
    Standard Human Skeleton with Pelvic Mounted Stand (Replica) $529.00

    Standard Human Skeleton with Pelvic Mounted Stand (Replica) This classic model has been the standard of quality in hospitals, schools, universities, and laboratories for over 50 years. Excellent value 3-year warranty...

  • Toad Skeleton
    Toad Skeleton $79.00

    Toad Skeleton – Bufo melanostictus The Black-Spined Toad is a terrestrial toad that inhabits moist grasslands and woodlands, usually near a body of water. It makes its home in crevices or under rocks, and tends...