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Skulls, Skeletons, Anatomy & More

  • Bobcat Skull - Thumbnail
    Bobcat Skull $79.00

    Bobcat Skull - Lynx rufus Please note that this item cannot be shipped outside of the US.

  • Pair of Goat Horns - Thumbnail
    Pair of Goat Horns $25.00

    PAIR OF GOAT HORNS - Capra aegagrus hircus The Science Domestic Goats (Capra aegagrus hircus) are descended from the wild goats of Europe and Asia. They have lived alongside humans for millenia, and we rely on them...

  • Badger Skull  - Thumbnail
    Badger Skull $49.00

    Badger - Taxidea taxus The Story: These are handsome skulls, obtained as by-products from a small family business in the fur trade. Not as carefully prepared as our first-quality skulls, they may show small defects...

  • Boy of Bengal Skull - Front
    Boy of Bengal Skull (Replica) $300.00

    BOY OF BENGAL SKULL (Replica) The Boy of Bengal was a real person who was born in 1783 and died of a cobra bite at the age of four in 1787. He suffered from craniopagus parasiticus, a medical condition in which a parasitic...

  • Classic Flexible Spine Model - Front
    Flexible Human Spine Model with Stand $223.00

    Flexible Spine Model - Homo sapiens Our most popular spine for patient and student education is also our most affordable spine model. This spine is fully flexible and designed for hands-on demonstrations. The spine contains...

  • Standard Human Skeleton with Pelvic Mounted Stand - Full
    Human Skeleton Model Pelvic Mounted $375.00

    HUMAN SKELETON MODEL WITH PELVIC MOUNTED STAND - HOMO SAPIENS THE SCIENCE This Human Skeleton Model with Pelvic Mounted Stand is a top-quality natural casting, and the final assembly is carried out by hand. It is made from...

  • Sabertooth Cat Tooth, Single (Replica)
    Replica Sabertooth Cat Tooth - Smilodon $25.00

    Sabertooth Cat Tooth, Single (Replica) Replica tooth from popular Sabertooth cat. Measures 9” long. This museum quality replica is exactingly cast from an outstanding natural specimen, and hand-finished to match...

  • Water buffalo Horn - Thumbnail
    Water Buffalo Horn $6.00

    WATER BUFFALO HORN The Science Water Buffalos (Bubalus bubalis) are a domesticated cousin of the more familiar cow. They are common throughout Asia, and more people depend on water buffalos than on any other domesticated...

  • Adult Human Skull - Asian Adolescent - Front
    Human Skull - Asian Adolescent $149.00

    Asian Adolescent Skull (Replica) Homo sapiens This accurate cast of an adolescent human skull makes a great prop, or a haunting addition to any home decor. This individual suffered from an abscess on the maxilla...

  • Adult Human Skull - European Female - Front
    Adult Human Skull - European Female $149.00

    European Female Skull (Replica) Homo sapiens This accurate cast of an female adult human skull makes a great prop, or a haunting addition to any home decor.Cast in two pieces: skull and mandible. Each skull is cast and...

  • Phrenology Head - Thumbnail
  • Human Fetal Skull (Replica) - Homo sapiens All 3
    Human Fetal Skull (Replica) - Homo sapiens $69.00

    HUMAN FETAL SKULL (REPLICA) - Homo sapiens The Science The skull is the bony structure in the head of many animals. It supports the structures of the face and forms a cavity for the brain. It is composed of two parts:...

  • Toad Skeleton
    Toad Skeleton $57.00

    Toad Skeleton – Bufo melanostictus The Black-Spined Toad is a terrestrial toad that inhabits moist grasslands and woodlands, usually near a body of water. It makes its home in crevices or under rocks, and tends...

  • Black Bear - Angled
    Black Bear Skull $298.00

    CITES EXPORT INFORMATION (FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS ONLY) This wildlife product has been identified as a protected species by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora...

  • Classic Brain, 5-Part - Thumbnail
    Classic Brain, 5-Part $249.00

    Classic Brain, 5-Part  This midsagittally sectioned model is an original anatomic cast of a real human brain. The components of the brain's left half are: Frontal and parietal lobe Temporal and occipital...

  • Adult Human Skull - Asian Male
    Adult Human Skull - Asian Male $149.00

    Human Adult Skull (Replica) - Homo sapiens The Science Cast in two pieces: skull and mandible. Each skull is cast and finished by hand to assure the highest quality. A very realistic skull that looks almost as if it...

  • Assorted Raccoon Penis Bones
    Raccoon Penis Bone $5.00

    Unlike humans, most primates, carnivores and many other mammals have a penis bone, also known as a Baculum or Os Penis. Located within the erectile tissue, this bone provides a rigid structure to aid in...

  • Child Skull Angle
    Human Child Skull (Replica) $129.00

    Human Child Skull - 4 Years (Replica) This replica skull was cast from an excellent specimen from a child about 4 years of age. It has been hand-painted to give it a handsome antique finish, and it would make an excellent...

  • Deer Antler
    Deer Antler $59.00

    Deer Antler The Science These antlers come from a mix of White-Tailed and Mule Deer from North America. Every year, deer shed their antlers and regrow them, and these pieces have been collected from the forest floor...

  • Bat Skeleton in Dome
    Bat Skeleton in Dome $295.00

    Bat Skeleton in Dome We are pleased to be able to offer these very beautifully articulated skeletons, each mounted in a hanging pose for display. Prepared right here in our store, each specimen varies slightly.This is a...