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Specimens in Resin

  • Citrus Long Horned Beetle in Resin
  • Cockroach
    Cockroach in Resin $12.00

    Cockroach in Resin Cockroaches are famous for being among the hardiest of insects. There are over 4,500 species of cockroaches, some of which can go for over a month without food.  Cockroaches have broad, flat bodies,...

  • Comparative Brains in Resin
    Comparative Brains in Resin $149.00

    This comparison set includes brains from five different types of animals: fish, amphibian, reptile, bird, and mammal.   It allows you to see in detail the structures of the brain and many of the similarities and...

  • Comparative Hearts in Resin
    Comparative Hearts in Resin $149.00

    Comparative Hearts in Resin The Science: The Heart is the central organ in the circulatory systems of all vertebrate species. It is a muscle distinguished from other muscle groups by its distinct cell structure. Although...

  • Ditch Jewel Dragonfly in Resin
    Ditch Jewel Dragonfly in Resin $26.00


  • Dragonfly Life Cycle in Resin
  • Flower Beetle in Resin
    Flower Beetle in Resin $8.00

    Flower Beetle in Resin Beetles are one of the earth's most successful animals, and chafer beetles such as this can be found all over the world, in a wide spectrum of colors. This is a lovely little green beetle from Asia...

  • Fly Life Cycle in Resin
    Fly Lifecycle in Resin $49.00

    Fly Life-cycle in Resin This specimen is set in transparent lucite resin and shows the various stages of life of a fly, making it a great decorative piece or educational display...

  • Lifecycle of Frog
    Frog Lifecycle in Resin $49.00

    Lifecycle of Frog - Fejervarya limnocharis The Science: The earliest fossils of True Frogs are known from the Jurassic Period. Like other Amphibians, they are able to absorb oxygen and “breathe” through their...

  • Garden Spider Large
    Garden Spider in Resin $19.00


  • Insect Sphere - Small Garden Spider
  • Gecko in Resin
    Gecko in Resin $26.00

    Gecko in Resin This is a specimen of a gecko Gekko subpalmatus, common in Asia. Preserved in a solid block of lucite resin, it makes a great tool for education or a remarkable piece of science decor...

  • Lifecycle of Grasshopper
    Grasshopper Lifecycle in Resin $59.00

    Life Cycle of Grasshopper - Stenocatanops splendens The Science: Grasshoppers are insects in the order Orthoptera. Found all over the world and especially abundant in the tropics, they are similar to Crickets, Katydids and...

  • Insect Sphere - Small Green Chafer Beetle
  • Green Tiger Beetle
    Green Tiger Beetle $8.00

    Tiger Beetle in Resin - Cicindela aurulenta The Science: The Tiger Beetle is a slender-bodied, usually long-legged predatory insect that gets its name from the aggressive way it hunts its prey: by running at incredible...

  • Honey Bee
    Honey Bee in Resin $8.00

    Honey Bee in Resin Honey bees are most valued for their role in creating honey, a complex substance made when nectar and sweet pollen from plants and trees are gathered and stored in the honey com as a food source for the...

  • Lifecycle of Honey Bee
    Honey Bee Lifecycle in Resin $59.00

    Life Cycle of Honey Bee - Apis mellifica The Science: The Western Honey Bee is native to Europe, Africa and Asia and has been cultivated and kept by humans for thousands of years. A social insect, the Honey Bee collects...

  • Flower Beetle in Resin
    Horned Flower Beetle in Resin $12.00

    Horned Flower Beetle in Resin - Dicranocephalus wallichi The Science: This handsome Beetle is an interesting member of the Cetoniinae beetle family, known as Flower Beetles, which includes such diverse types as the humble...

  • Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle in Resin
    Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle in Resin $19.00


  • Leaf Phyllotaxy