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Specimens in Resin

  • Spiny Spider
    Spiny Spider in Resin $8.00

    Spiny Spider in Resin It is obvious where this Spiny Spider gets its name – its small body is covered in long, threatening spikes that can reach up to 30mm in diameter. Like the wasp spider, it weaves an impressive...

  • Bamboo Weevil
  • Honey Bee
    Honey Bee in Resin $8.00

    Honey Bee in Resin Honey bees are most valued for their role in creating honey, a complex substance made when nectar and sweet pollen from plants and trees are gathered and stored in the honey com as a food source for the...

  • Insect Sphere - Small Garden Spider
    Garden Spider Sphere $21.00

    Garden Spider Sphere - Araneus ventricosus

  • Insect Sphere - Small Green Chafer Beetle
  • Leaf Phyllotaxy
  • Comparative Brains in Resin
    Comparative Brains in Resin $149.00

    This comparison set includes brains from five different types of animals: fish, amphibian, reptile, bird, and mammal.   It allows you to see in detail the structures of the brain and many of the similarities and...

  • Dragonfly Life Cycle in Resin
  • Lifecycle of Cabbage Butterfly
    Cabbage Butterfly Lifecycle in Resin $59.00

    Life-cycle of Cabbage Butterfly in Resin The Cabbage White Butterfly lays its eggs on the undersides of various roots and vegetables, like cabbage, kale, radishes, or hedge mustard. The Cabbageworm, (the larva of the...

  • Toad Dissection in Resin
  • Pigeon Dissection
  • Toad in Resin
    Toad in Resin $27.00

    Toad in Resin - Bufo bufo gargarizans The common European toad is one of the most widespread species on earth and be found in such distant regions as Siberia and North Africa. Despite their small stature, toads can be...

  • Bat Skeleton in Resin
    Bat Skeleton in Resin $69.00

    Bat Skeleton in Resin The Science This is a lovely, delicate bat skeleton embedded in a clear block of sturdy lucite, making it ideal for study, and perfect as an unusual piece of biology decor. The over 1,100...

  • Tarantula Paperweight-Large-Red
    Tarantula Paperweight, X-Large $44.00

    Tarantula Paperweight - Ornithoctonus huwena The Science Tarantulas are a group of very large, very hairy spiders common in various places around the globe. The biggest tarantulas prey on vertebrates such as lizards...

  • Scorpion Paperweight-X-Large-Red
    Scorpion Paperweight, X-Large $34.00

    Scorpion Paperweight, Large Scorpions are predatory arthropods in the class Arachnidae. They have eight legs like spiders, but are easily recognized by their claws and curved, segmented tail tipped with a venomous...

  • Spider Keychain-Clear
  • Bat Specimen in Resin
    Bat Specimen in Resin $59.00

    Bat Specimen in Resin - Pipistrellus abramus The Science: There are more than a thousand species of Bat found all around the world, and they are incredibly diverse: from the tiny Bumblebee Bat to huge Flying Foxes with 6...

  • Butterfly in Resin - Common Bluebottle
    Butterfly in Resin - Common Bluebottle $24.00

    Common Bluebottle Butterfly in Resin - Graphium sarpedon The Science: The Common Bluebottle (Graphium sarpedon) is a member of the Papillonidae, or Swallowtail family, which includes many of the largest, most spectacular...

  • Stag Beetle in Resin
    Stag Beetle in Resin $12.00

    Golden Stag Beetle in Resin - Odontolabis cuvera The Science: Stag Beetles are so-called because males bear large, sometimes extravagant mandibles - vaguely resembling antlers - which are often used in wrestling matches...

  • Lifecycle of Frog
    Frog Lifecycle in Resin $49.00

    Lifecycle of Frog - Fejervarya limnocharis The Science: The earliest fossils of True Frogs are known from the Jurassic Period. Like other Amphibians, they are able to absorb oxygen and “breathe” through their...